8. Reference and Reference Citation Management

In the Quick Access toolbar, clicking Insert brings up a range of options to allow the user to insert a “New Reference", “Reference Citation", “New Reference and Citation" or to edit and update an existing reference and citation. It also helps manage the link between a citation and its reference.

8.1. New Reference and Citation
8.1.1. Manual Edit

Selecting ‘New Reference’ from the drop-down menu opens a new pop-up window (see below). Click the plus (+) sign next to ‘Authors’ to add as many authors as required, complete the author details, then fill in the details of the reference in the adjacent window, i.e. select Type (Journal/Book); URL (if relevant); Article Title; Journal Title; Year; Volume; Issue: First Page: Last Page. The same process is to be followed for Groups and Editors, if required.

The new reference is displayed in the preview section at the bottom of the Add/Edit reference box, and is verified for correctness.

Any Authors, Groups, and Editors box not required can be deleted by clicking the adjacent trash icon, circled in red below:

8.1.2. DOI look up

This option can be used to add a reference by using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) number, if only the DOI number is known.

Insert the DOI information (e.g. 10.1161/CIRCRESAHA.119.316039) in the DOI box; and click “Get Details"; the respective reference is then populated as per the below image.

8.1.3. New Reference and Citation

This option inserts both a new reference and the citation. To use this option first place the cursor where the new citation should appear in the text, then click the “Insert" option and from the drop-down menu select “New Reference and Citation". The Add/Edit Reference Box will open; select either Manual Edit or DOI Look Up. (You can also right click in the text to bring up the same menu.)

The New Reference and Citation is inserted by clicking the “Add New Reference" button, above.

You will see this pop-up appear:

In your text, the new reference year will appear in blue, as shown below:

Please type in the name or names of the relevant author(s), in front of the new citation year (in parentheses, if this is journal style), as shown below:

8.1.4. Reference Citation

This option allows the user to insert a new reference citation in the article. Click the place in the text where the new reference citation should appear, then use the Insert button and select “Reference Citation” from the drop-down menu. A new drop-down panel appears: scroll down to find the required reference and click to select.

As mentioned before, only the citation year will be inserted, in blue. Please add the name or names of the author(s) for the relevant reference (in parentheses, if this is journal style):

8.1.5. Edit Reference

This option allows the user to edit any existing reference in the reference list. Click the required reference and the below Add/Edit Reference box will open.

In the Add/Edit Reference box a reference is displayed.

There are many options available such as,

The example below shows how the addition of new information (here circled in red in the main part of the pop-up) is then reflected in the preview pane at the bottom (blue text with a red circle) when a reference is edited:

8.1.6. Insert new "Other" reference

Inserting new “Other” type reference can be done by below steps.

a. Author name / names
b. Group name / names
c. Free text (all other part of reference can be filled here as plain text)
d. Comments on the reference is also possible.

8.2. Reference Citation Management

This option can be used to update a Reference Citation.

In the following example, we want to change the citation year from 2015 to 2019. First select the incorrect year (2015) and type 2019, then left click the (new) blue Citation year (2019) to open a list of references (the ‘old’ 2015 reference will appear in the drop-down list highlighted in blue).

Scroll and click to select the correct reference from the list, the new reference will now be highlighted in blue.

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