7. Author Bio, Affiliation, Affiliation Citation and Table_Figure Link Management
7.1. Author Details Management

By clicking an author’s name, the following pop-up box opens, which can be used to add or edit author details. A link to the ORCID website can be added.

7.2. Affiliation Management

By clicking on an author’s affiliation, the following pop-up box opens, which can be used to edit the author’s affiliation:

7.3. Affiliation Citation Management

This option can be used to update the Affiliation Citation for any author.

In the below example, the affiliation superscripts for “Almitra Medina" are incorrect. To replace with the correct citation number and affiliation, click the left mouse button on the citation number, and a list of affiliations each with a corresponding number will pop-up, select the correct affiliation (in this case, number 1, the new affiliation will be highlighted in blue) from the pop-up list, so that the cited affiliation of the author is linked to the correct affiliation.

To ‘deselect’ the old linked Affiliation (in this example, number 3 ), click on the blue highlighted affiliation that is no longer wanted.

This will leave only the correct affiliation highlighted in blue:

7.4. Figure and Table Link Management

This option can be used to update a figure or table reference link in the text to the respective figure or table within the article. The same process is followed for both figures and tables.

In this example, we need to change the link in the text from Table 2 to Table 3. Click the in-text citation (in the below example, Table 2): this will bring up the list of Tables in the article, currently Table 2 is selected and is highlighted in blue). Clicking Table 3 from the menu will select the correct Table; clicking Table 2 from the menu will ‘deselect’ it, and the citation and link will now be for Table 3.

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