6. Information Section

This right-hand side menu section displays information about the article proof.

6.1. Journal & Article Information

This section displays the cover image of the Journal, Article title, Short title, Date of issue, Electronic ISSN, Print ISSN, Article ID, Article type, Article DOI, Copyright owner, Publication history, and Manuscript details. These details are non-editable and are updated only when the article is being uploaded.

6.2. Queries

This section displays any queries that have been raised for the article. To view the full list of queries use the scroll bar.

To edit an individual query, click on the editing icon to open a pop-up window; after editing please click the Save button.

6.3. Edits

This section lists all edits made to the article and the name of the person who made the changes.

Edits may be deleted using the trash icon(see red circle above).

Edits are highlighted as shown below in red text:

Highlight color and duration has been increased now:

To provide rich user experience to color challenged users, we have improved the highlight color in HTML-OPS editor to yellow and the highlight duration is increased to 2 seconds.

This can be triggered by clicking the edits present in right hand side “Edits” panel edits.

6.4. Supplementary Files

This section displays information on any supplementary files supplied by the author at submission to support the article.

6.5. Attachments

This section displays information on any files attached to the proof during the proofing process.

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