4. Preparation of Proof Correction for Submission

This is the final step that is necessary to save and submit the proof. To attach any file to the proof, follow the below steps.

4.1. Attach

Step 1: Select "Attach Files" and a pop-up window will appear.

Step 2: Click "Choose Files" to select the desired file to upload online.

Step 3: Click "Attach"

4.2. Save

This option saves all the changes made while editing the article. This option does not finalize or submit the document. The system also auto-saves every 90 seconds.

4.3. Submit

By clicking the "Submit" button at the top of the page, the article is submitted for further processing. Please only Submit your proof if you are sure that your changes have been made.

When the Submit button is pressed, a pop-up message will appear if, for example, any proof queries have not been answered:

After completing any pending task, save the proof again and click the Submit button; when the proof is submitted successfully, a pop-up message will appear.

When authors (and editors) submit the proof they will be asked to click on a survey link. This provides an opportunity to provide feedback about HTML-OPS system.

4.4. Help Menu

By clicking the "Help" button at the top of the page, the Online Proofing System information will be displayed.

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