15. Limitations
15.1. Nested changes are not allowed

You cannot make further changes to a selection that has already been edited. All proofing changes are saved to the proof XML as instruction mark up. As a workaround, nested changes can be expressed as an instruction via the commenting feature.

15.2. Addition of a Comment requires text to be selected

You must select one or more words of the text in order to add a comment, and the entered comment will be applied to the selected text.

15.3. Limitations in introducing a new Paragraph/Heading/Section

Although you can edit an existing paragraph, heading, or section via the proofing options described in Section 3, you will not be able to introduce a new paragraph, heading, or a section as this will have an impact on the relative and nested structure of the underlying Wiley XML. In the interest of simplifying editing instructions and preserving the XML structure, this is not allowed for now.

As a workaround, you can leave instructions using the commenting option for such changes to the proof or attach documents.