11. Insert a Figure or a Table and a Figure or a Table Citation

To insert a new figure or a table in the article, place the cursor at the desired location. Then either click "Insert" and select "New Figure" or “New Table” from the drop-down menu or right click and hover on the "Insert" option until a new pop-up panel appears and select "New Figure" or “New Table”.

Click the Choose Files button and select the required Figure or Table from the file location; click Open and then click Attach.

The below screenshot shows the file name, inserted inline in the text. If the wrong file is inserted or the file is inserted at the wrong place, then clicking the trash icon (circled below) will delete the Figure/Table from this point.

If the inserted Figure/Table has a caption, then click the comment box (highlighted above in yellow: ) to open a new pop-up window. Paste or type your text in the box, format it if appropriate, include any instructions to the typesetter/production team, and save by clicking "Save comment":

After saving the comment, it can be edited or deleted via the Comment panel on the right hand menu:

If the new Figure (or Table) needs a citation in the text, then place the cursor at the point where the citation is needed; click the right mouse button and a pop-up panel will appear; hover on the "Insert" option until a second pop-up panel appears and click Figure Citation (or Table Citation). If there are no other Figures (or Tables) yet, a warning will pop up; click the "OK" button. Insert the citation for the Figure (or Table) manually, at the required point.

If the proof contains one or more Figures (or Tables) already, then a warning pop-up will display, click the "OK" button.

Now the new Figure (or Table) Citation is inserted: a new panel will pop up, use this to scroll to the correct Figure Caption (or Table Caption), and click to select it.

The citation will change to the correct number (see above). Please be sure to type in “Figure" (or Table as appropriate) before the number (use parentheses if journal style), as shown below:

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